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Marina Passalaris

Marina Passalaris

Marina is a best selling Author, a thought leader, a youth and parenting expert and a regular media commentator.

In 2018, she was nominated for Australian of the year and invited to Parliament House to speak on youth issues. In 2017, Beautiful Minds won the Westpac Bank 200 Business for Tomorrow Award, awarded to the top 200 companies in Australia.

Describing herself as a bridge between parents and their teens, Marina works closely with young people and their families, dedicated to helping them achieve happiness through education about vital life skills and most importantly, self esteem and confidence.

Rod Hairston

Rod E. Hairston is an international authority in the area of organizational culture, leadership, and human potential. Rod has coached leaders on the Forbes 400 list, star athletes, and leading organizations such as Disney, ABC, Quicken Loans, and Honeywell. As a dynamic speaker, coach, and author, Rod has helped millions of individuals and hundreds of organizations transform their behavior and realize long-lasting results with conditioning programs such as his 45-Day Challenge® series. As the CEO of Trusum Visions, LLC and it’s global enterprises, Rod and his team continue to impact individuals and companies in more than 19 countries achieve effective, lasting results.

Rod Hairston
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Beautiful minds

Beautiful Minds tackles the tough topics, bringing them to light so our youth feel empowered, educated and supported throughout their often-challenging journey of being a teenager.

Today, Marina and her team of 85 expert educators, deliver workshops to thousands of Australian teens and adults each year. She has received both national and international press for the success of her business and the impact she has on the community. This year, Marina was interviewed by The Washington Post, selected as a world leader in the youth space.

This year, Beautiful Minds educated 1.5 million school students through their school diary content. The Beautiful Minds content has the approval of the Australian Education Department with content being gifted to 3.5 million parents through an online school diary.