Shape, change and own your life

Young adult program

Designed for preteens and teens to shape, change, and own your life!

The Own It: 45 Days to Owning Your Power for Young Adults program will give you a variety of tools to manage your inner world - your thinking and your feelings and your responses to the people and things you encounter in your day-to-day life.

Own It - Young Adults will help you be intentional as you grow into more responsibilities and freedoms, owning your power.

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Parents and caregivers program

Beautiful Minds also has an Own It - Parents Program just for Parents and Caregivers!

The Own It: 45 Days to Owning Your Power for Parents program is designed to overlap and build on the content shared with the Own It - Young Adults program. Many of the activities and content, such as tools to manage your world and influences, in the Parents program are similar to those provided in the Young Adults program. With this intentional design, participants can choose to create a shared experience if it seems appropriate to their specific family dynamic. Additionally, the Parents program focuses on shared family values and communication.

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Shape, change and own your life

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Both Own It programs may be taken independent of each other. The Young Adults program is designed to provide an experience of complete autonomy for your young adult, and adult intervention is not required at any time. However, this program is a platform that creates opportunity for communicating and understanding your young one.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for this journey and your commitment to personal growth. As you experience the Own It program, consider the impact this investment is making not only for your own life, but also for the lives of all the people you interact with.